What eco-living means to me – thrift shops & buying local

In my “ask me” post on Facebook, several people asked about what exactly we consider “eco living”. A lot of it boils down to just making good choices about your purchases & lifestyle habits but one of our big eco living key points is shopping locally, primarily from thrift stores.

In my Thrifty Thursday series starting anew this Thursday, I hope to highlight how clothing, home decor, furniture & more from thrift stores can be awesome, adorable & affordable – and good for the Earth, too! Not only is all Lu & Ed monster material purchased from thrift stores or gathered through donations, we buy almost all of our own clothes, linens & furniture exclusively from thrift stores. A lot of people ask me why we would try to only buy thrift store clothing. While spending less than $10 on an outfit on average is a perk, there’s much more to it than that.

Purchasing post-production (not brand new) clothing & textiles reduces landfill waste, pollution & energy consumption  from factories & also stimulates the local economy by supporting locally owned & operated thrift stores that employee local citizens – keeping more of your hard earned dollars in your area, supporting people from your area! This means less of your money is traveling overseas or to other cities & states, but instead it is staying local and having a huge impact in your area!

Click to Enlarge Image

CustomMade Buying Local Infographic

Why Buying Local is Worth Every Cent Infographic by CustomMade

So not only do we shop local thrift shops because it is incredibly more cost effective than buying brand new items, and not only is it good for the environment by reducing landfill, pollution and energy waste, but it also helps our community thrive. Every thrift store we shop from for clothing, linens, furniture, dishes, or for my monster making supplies, is within 15 minutes of our home!

Each purchase you make has an impact – make it a good one!

How often do you shop local or from thrift stores? 

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