{confession} Am I the only mom….

… Who isn’t into the whole “baby mocs” trend? I don’t know why, I just can’t like this trend no matter what cute new color they come out in.

Or the black & white nursery/kids room trend? I love color way too much for this trend, the lack of color actually makes me feel uncomfortable looking through the “kidsroom” tag on Instagram.

What current trends secretly make you squirm? 

5 thoughts on “{confession} Am I the only mom….”

  1. Black and white… In just a kids room? That would feel so…. Cold and sterile. Ick.

    Baby moccs… Ehhhh… The slip on style, I’m not a fan. Toddler shoes in a traditional “native” type of mocc… Sign me up! But holy cow who wants their baby to have platypus feet?? :p


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