Pumpkin Patch Fun!

One of our yearly Autumn traditions is a trip to the pumpkin patch with friends.


This year, we tried out a new pumpkin patch – Carolyn’s Country Cousins. It is closer to home than the pumpkin patch we went to in previous years & had a lot more for the kiddos to do so my son enjoyed it a lot more!  There was goats, chickens, and ducks to feed, a huge playground area, tons of play structures, a corn maze and more.


The hayride was really long, which was surprising because usually they are super short. I guess we went a little late in the season though, because almost all the pumpkins had been picked and the ones which hadn’t were rotting. It took a while for all of the kids to find pumpkins to haul back to the front – it was dark when we left! Overall though, it’s definitely a cute little pumpkin patch, super affordable (we went on Harvester’s night so it was free admission but it’s usually $10 a person) & it’s a great place to take the kiddos! If you are in the Kansas City area, check it out! Here are a few pictures from our adventures:



IMG_5888What is your favorite fall tradition? 

What is your favorite fall trafi

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