A Monster Making Mom’s Work Week

A work week in the life of a monster making mom:

Wake up before the sun.

Brew coffee.

Make breakfast for the kid.

Fill the kid’s water bottle & put it in his lunch box (I make his lunch the night before) while talking to the kiddo about things of boyish interest like Legos and weird science facts.

Wash dishes/unload/load the dishwasher while I wait on the boy to get dressed and his teeth brushed.

Walk him to the bus.

Chat with the moms at the corner for a while.

Walk home and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Tackle computer work (did you know I also work as a book keeper for a New York Times best selling author who also happens to be my mother-in-law?).

Head to the studio by 9am some days, 10 am most days, 11am on lazy days.

The rest of the day? Make monsters. Finish up in the studio around 4 when both my husband and kiddo get home. Family time til bed time. Rinse & repeat Monday – Friday, but add in an extra kid 3-4 days a week (I baby sit).

And that is what a work week looks like for a monster maker!

1 thought on “A Monster Making Mom’s Work Week”

  1. Monster making seems like an exciting life! My mom & I both work boring office jobs from 8-5, and then that’s when our shop stuff starts. It’s a good thing we are night owls!

    And how cool is it that your mother-in-law is an author. My dad is a self-published author. He’s actually about to make another appearance (I’ve lost count how many now) at the Kentucky Book Fair.


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