Petit Mail Review

IMG_5910I recently won a subscription to Petit Mail from Alison at The Petit Cadeau & I was sooooo excited! My son is a little old for it but I’ve been wanting to check it out for myself because I have lots of friends with little kids (plus nine nieces and nephews, so, lots of cute littles to buy for!). It is just as adorable & fun as I thought it would be!


We received our first Petit Mail letter from Alison a few weeks ago, and my son was so stoked to get some mail. It comes in an envelope which is super rad because I am going to get a post card stamp and mail it to one of our little friends – share the fun!


October’s Petit Mail had an “I spy” type game on it which my son totally beat me at. He loves I spy books & games so he really loved this month’s Petit Mail.

IMG_5918I love Petit Mail – it is such a super fun educational product for kids! Everyone loves getting mail & the activities on it are really fun for kiddos, especially in the 4-7 age range, because it has simple words that are great for early readers & the activities help develop problem solving skills. As a person who was home schooled, I also think Petit Mail would be a great addition to a home school curriculum to aid in reading, writing & grammar studies. Basically, it’s perfect for anyone with young children!


Want to try out Petit Mail? You can order a subscription from Alison’s shop or grab that plus other sweet giftable goodies in this year’s Maker Mail packages through November 17th!


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