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December #creativedaily prompts!

Let’s make merry this holiday season & show everyone the traditions, special moments & magic of our personal lives that makes our indie businesses so very special!
I started #creativedaily as a way for makers to share work & peeks into the studio organically along with snippets from their personal lives  to help build bonds with their audience via social media. It has grown into a stunning collection of images & a community of makers sharing their lives with the world daily with photos & text, building bonds, creating new friendships & driving new traffic to their creative indie businesses. With almost 8,000 images shared since January 1st, I am so very excited to release this special edition of #creativedaily that focuses on the joy of the season!
This image is sized for Instagram! Feel free to save it & share the prompts to spread the word & get more people involved! I can’t wait to see what you post!
How it works:
Each day, you upload a photo to Instagram or other social media outlets that relates to the dated prompt (for example, the 1st is “shopping” so you would post your interpretation of that prompt on the first) and share a blurb about what the photo represents. Be sure to add the #creativedaily hashtag to group to photos with the other images from this collective so we can all gather around a virtual kitchen table & chat over pictures while we sip our coffee!
Click the #creativedaily hashtag to find out what others are posting and make new friends by liking & commenting on their photos!
Since 2014’s daily photo challenge was such a hit, I plan to continue it in 2015 as well! Thank you so much for all your support & I look forward to connecting with you on social media! Happy holidays! 

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