Finally greeting the new year in this space.

It’s been almost a month since my last blog post, whoops! I’ve been focusing so much on the new direction of Daft Crafts blog that I sort of let this space slip into silence over the holidays & winter break.

Rather than a wordy catch-up, I think I’ll let photographs do most of the talking.

Our winter break & holidays were lovely, peaceful & perfect. My first ever intern & best friend Jessica was even able to come visit over Christmas!

IMG_6816 copy

IMG_6549 copyIMG_6734 copy

IMG_6583 copyIMG_6579 copy After the Christmas hustle & bustle I took a few days off but dove back into Mon-stor making right before the New Year. My monster making goal for 2015 is 450 monsters total!

But I have a lofty goal just for January, too! 100 total monsters made in time for my first stocking of the year, the first week of February. So far, 16 down, 84 to go! 🙂

vintage spot fabric lined toy storage hamper IMG_7146 copy IMG_7600 copy

IMG_7545 copyI got a really nice new Canon camera for Christmas & I have been having so much fun playing with it! Expect lots & lots of photos posts soon! 🙂 Happy New Year!

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