Dissolving Daft Crafts & moving forward

For four years I have run Daft Crafts, a blog for indie makers, designers and creatives, separately from Lu & Ed – primarily because I had hoped to cultivate a co-op environment where makers from all walks of life could share advice, experiences & resources with others. For four years, it has thrived & become such an indispensable resource for the maker movement.

motivation, moving on, art, print
Print from Em Dash Paper Co

As my own indie business has grown exponentially since the inception of Daft Crafts, I sadly haven’t been able to devote as much time to that outlet as well as this space (my last post here was in January, if that tells you anything), social media channels for both Daft AND Lu & Ed, plus my part time job as a book keeper, AND keep up with stocking my shop regularly. At first I tried to compensate by having more guest posters on Daft, but it was almost as time consuming to find & organize guest post content as it was to curate my own experiences into content for Daft. So I took a step back over the past few weeks & really examined where/how I invest my time, what things I could do differently to maximize productivity while maintaining the steady growth Lu & Ed has seen this past year, and I settled on dissolving Daft Crafts’ indie biz posts & craft business advice content into Lu & Ed.

Really, now that I’ve settled on this route, it seems like, duh, it should have been an obvious solution to combine the two and focus on growing one audience instead of two (cutting time spent marketing & curating content in half), but I guess I had to come around to that in my own time. And that’s okay. Being an entrepreneur means you are always learning – about yourself, your limits, your abilities, and how to approach & resolve problems when they arise. And while I’m a little sad to close this chapter of my life, with Lu & Ed growing as fast as it is, I’m very excited to go forward with dissolving Daft Crafts & having more time to invest in Lu & Ed to see what the next chapter holds!

What this means for readers: This space will become a combo of imported posts from Daft Crafts & new advice posts for makers, monster making photos & behind the scenes posts, organic gardening, parenting and ecofriendly, upcycled & ethical lifestyle goodness – so basically, it just means more awesomeness! I’m so excited to really combine all the things I love in one space!

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