Do you find yourself asking: “Why am I not selling more?”

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Often in forums for handmade businesses you will see posts with titles similar to:

How can I get more sales?

I get lots of views, but no sales – why?????

Still haven’t made my first sale.

Why don’t people buy from me?

Frustrated, why aren’t people buying my stuff????

Sound familiar?

My biggest piece of advice to get more sales is simply to not post negative comments about not getting sales on public sites, like FB, Twitter, a blog or especially forums of the sites you sell on, like Storenvy or Etsy. The  forums are open to BUYERS and SELLERS and drive a lot of traffic to shops, and you don’t want to negatively impact your buyers opinions of you before they have even seen your products. If you find yourself often complaining online about not getting sales, that could be a factor as to why you aren’t getting sales.

Once you chose to start a business, you are your company’s face, and you don’t want potential customers to see you complaining about them not buying from you. That just looks really BAD on you, your business, and your work ethic.

And complaining to other sellers? It also impacts your sales, because they could be potential customers. Positivity  breeds positivity. Focus your social media and forum interactions on positive, motivating, inspiring posts, and keep negativity to yourself or face time with friends. That way you won’t risk complaining about people not buying your stuff to someone, who in fact, had considered it but you just discouraged the sale with what could come off as desperation and negativity.

And if you do find yourself wondering how to market or reach new audiences, phrase it carefully, in a positive question form, to yourself, and then find the answers:

Where have other sellers found success in marketing?

Look at where successful sellers in your market are (blogs, Facebook, twitter, Tumblr, or even newspaper print ads, monthly publications, or paid third party advertising). Try out these venues yourself and give each venue at least 6 (yes, six) months to see if it benefits your company. That gives you time to build a fan/friend base, make connections, figure out all the ins and outs and tricks, and get good statistics on how it helps your brand grow. No new marketing tactic is going to be a success over night. You have to give marketing time in order to make an informed decision about what will work for you.

What type of social media posts get the most response in my market?

Links, blog posts, pictures, or status updates? Focus on what you get the most response to, and expand there. If you get a lot of comments on pictures on Facebook, post each item listed in your store on Facebook (space the postings out) with a call to action & a link to the item’s listing. If you get more traffic through a blog, focus your energy there.

Why do I get a lot of views, but lack follow through purchases?

Not everyone is going to want to shop in your store. That’s a fact – but  take a look at your shop objectively. Is it appealing to you? Would you shop there? Would your mom or dad? Your friends? Would you pay that much for those products, if you had no idea the time/energy that went into the brand? Maybe lowering your prices, getting a custom designed storefront (Storenvy is a free to use platform that is totally customizable!) from a graphic designer, or re-branding your business could help you translate views into sales. Also take your photography into consideration. Is it the best it could be, or is it just okay? If your product photos aren’t eye catching and showing a lot of detail they may be what is holding buyers back.

Your excitability and enthusiasm about your brand can be contagious – but so can your insecurities and negativity.

Chose your words wisely when struggling with your business. Something said on a bad day could have a permanent negative impact on your business. It is extremely important to remember that whatever your vision of success is, it does not happen quickly. It takes lots of hard work, effort, and energy. It takes positivity, motivation and self confidence. When you have confidence in your brand and products, it shows and consumers can tell! Chose positivity!

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