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Instagram photo challenge!

Instagram is hands down my favorite social media platform. It combines both striking visuals & a great commenting system that allows you to easily connect with people who have similar interests – and it also allows people from all walks of life to share their amazing stories with the world!

That is what I had in mind when I launched my #creativedaily photo challenge almost a year and a half ago. I decided the Instagram community needed a photo challenge geared just for creatives but that anyone could join in on – parents, bloggers, small businesses, or any individual with a love for photography. Over 10,000 photos later, it has brought hundreds of creatives together & spurred many new connections, friendships, purchases from makers and collaborations!

What I hope creatives get out of this photo challenge is a sense of community while feeling creatively charged & inspired.  Joining in is so simple – you just snap a picture that relates to the dated prompt & post it to Instagram (or your blog, or on Facebook), add a description for the photo & the #creativedaily hashtag – like for the 17th, you could post your shears by your current sewing project or knives in the kitchen by dinner you are making. For the 6th, you could post a photo of your child in their rain coat or a project with a fresh coat of paint. For the 25th you could post your garden stakes & twine or your favorite wire wrapped piece of jewelry. The possibilities are as endless as our imaginations & are totally open to interpretation! You don’t have to post every day – if you miss one or a few, that’s totally cool – this photo challenge is just for fun!

Feel free to share the image below – it is sized for Instagram! You can also blog it, Facebook it, Tweet it or post it to Tumblr – spread the word & the creative fun!

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Which prompt are you most excited to see the photos for? Are there any prompts you need some inspiration for?

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