Using Squarelovin to analyze your Instagram account!

I just discovered Squarelovin & it offers Instagram analytics, for free, so I wanted to show you how to access these metrics & optimize your Instagram game using this platform! Keep in mind I just signed up, so some stats that are updated weekly with growth show blank on my account. I’ll update those images when the metrics are available!

Log into your IG account through Squarelovin.You will land on the homepage showing you recent posts from people you follow. This is the viewer, to navigate stats click the stats button. I will go through each page of info starting with the first option & moving forward.


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  • In the first section, you can see how many photos you’ve posted, how many total likes & comments you’ve received, how many followers you have & how many people you are following.
  • In the second section, you can see location demographics, follower growth, new & lost followers from the past week.
  • In the third section, you can see how your last post performed – how many likes & comments it got, what percent of likes & comments was from your followers (Love Rate & Talk Rate) & what percent of it was from people not following you (Spread Ratio).
  • In the fourth bar, you see these same stats but for your last 15 posts collectively.

Monthly Analysis

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  •  In the first section, you will see how many photos you posted in the last month, which filter & hashtag you used the most & an overview of your six most recent posts. Beside that you can view your ten most engaged followers – the people who like & comment on your photos the most.
  • In the second section you can view your total number of likes comments for the past month, along with your average like/comments per media & the averages from last month so you can chart growth.
  • In the third section, you will see your following growth for the past month.


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  • In the first section you will see a chart graphing your media library growth from the first image you posted to today, a chart graphing your history of posting for each month/year & a yearly distribution detailing exactly how many photos you posted each year since the inception of your account.

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  • In this section, you can see what days over the history of the account you have posted the most on, as well as what time, what filters you use most frequently, your most used hashtag & how many posts you have used geolocation for.


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  • On this page you will see your most liked media & your most commented on media as well as how well recent posts are performing. (showing blank for me currently, I  will upload a new picture when it updates). You can learn a lot from looking at what posts resulted in the all time most interactions.


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  • Right at the top of the page is, to me, the most important stats – the best days/times to post. These stats are based on your previous posts & how well they performed at certain days/times & also on when your audience is online & the most active.
  • Below that you will see media lifespan (how long after you post an image that it gets likes/interactions) & filter impact, showing what specific filters resonate best with your audience.
  • Below that you will see the top trending tags on twitter & hashtags you have used. Tag smarter & try to implement tags from the popular cloud when you can, but only when relevant!


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My data is still loading, but this page is really self explanatory –

  • First section shows how many people you follow & who follow you.
  • Second section shows how many people follow you but you don’t follow back, how many you are mutually following one another & how many people you follow but aren’t following you.
  • Since I just started using this, the third section shows my stats like a speck on the screen but you can track your account growth on the chart, which is handy to look at before & after giveaways/promotions to see growth during the promotion & decreases after the promotion ends.
  • In the fourth section you can see new followers, lost followers & accounts you followed recently.
  • In the fifth section you can see what percentage of your last 300 likes given were your followers & what percent was from people who don’t follow you, and beside that you can see your top ten Instagram followers! Yay, thanks guys! 🙂
  • Below that, in the sixth column, in a “recommended” section with fun accounts similar to ones you already follow. Check them out & make some new friends!

Head over to Squarelovin and check it out! Then come back & share – Is your Instagram account performing as well as you had hoped? Are you seeing steady growth? Where do you think you could improve? What is currently working the best for you? Let’s discuss in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Using Squarelovin to analyze your Instagram account!”

  1. It doesn’t seem to be updating the information. I’ve posted different times of day but it’s not showing up on the graph past what I did the first few days. 😔


  2. Hi, I can’t see any data on my page. It is saying ‘Sorry, we can’t generate any stats for your account. Maybe you don’t have any media or your profile is private.’ . And my accounts are not on private at all, and I have lots of pictures. What could be the problem please. Any suggestions?


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