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How to set up text message notifications for sales on Storenvy

Sad you don’t hear a cha-ching when you get a sale on Storenvy? Well, now you can! (Mine plays Money, That’s What I Want by Flying Lizzards, but hey, whatever alert tone you want.)

It’s super easy to set up, so what are you waiting on? Go to your Storenvy admin panel>Extras & scroll down until you see Zapier. Click over to it & set up an account – it’s totally free! You can not only set up text alerts but also capture emails from purchases to add to your newsletter & many more awesome things! Peruse the site & all it’s awesome functions, it’s really rad!

Once your account is all set up, let’s make a new Zap!

Step 1: You will chose Storenvy as the first platform (You set this up in your settings when setting up an account or by clicking your profile in the right hand corner & selecting Connected Accounts), and the trigger will be New Order.

The second platform you choose is Phone & the action is Send SMS.

Step 2: Test your Storenvy account to make sure it’s linked properly & transmitting info to Zapier!

Step 3: Input your phone number that you want to send the SMS messages to.

Step 4: Set when you want this action to happen – you can set filters but we don’t need to that since we are just setting up a text notification for sales.

Step 5: Type in the message you want to get.

Step 6: Send yourself some sample texts. Then save the number to your phone as whatever you wish & add the custom tone so you get a notification of new sales!

Step 7: Turn it on!

It’s that easy peasy!

Will you be using mobile notifications for Storenvy sales?

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