Transformation Tuesday

I recently did an open call for fabric donations in exchange for a free mini monster made from the donated textiles on my Facebook page as a test for developing a material collection program to keep textiles out of landfills & reduce cost of materials (meaning maintaining affordable prices for you monster lovers, yay!). It was an awesome learning experience & am I working on hashing out the details to offer this program on a much larger scale. More about that soon!

Today I wanted to share a peek into the processing of converting discarded textiles (I use materials including blankets, pajamas, clothing, curtains, sheets & other bedding, robes, sweaters & hoodies & more) into my monster toys!

Lisa from Lisie’s Pieces mailed me a worn out fleece sleeper her son had outgrown. Before reading any further, guess how many monsters I made from this little sleeper. Got a number in mind? Okay, proceed!

upcycle, sewing, craft, baby, pajamas, ecofriendly

I take extra care when making my monsters to use every bit of material possible – even the tiny bits get turned into horns or mouths for stuffed monsters. The smallest bits that I can’t sew with are diced to blend with stuffing. After cutting out what I wanted to make from these jammies, this was all that was left.

sewing, upcycled, ecofriendly, toys, sewing, crafts, kids, mom life

I’ll donate the zipper portion to a maker who can use it & trim off all the excess fleece I can from the footie bits to dice for stuffing. And from that little sleeper, I got FOUR mini monsters! Only three are shown here because the special mini I made for Lisa is heading out in the mail today & I want it to be a surprise!

stuffed monsters, toys, ecofriendly toys, upcycle, recycle, monster toys, lu and ed

With a little bit of effort & creativity, I source materials otherwise discarded away & turn a little bit of fabric into a whole lot of awesome in an effort to make ecological, fun toys & storage solutions for kids. I hope you enjoyed this peek behind the scenes of the transformation of sleeper to sweet monsters!

Did you guess the number of monsters made from the sleeper correctly? Oh, and give me your feedback – Do you think Transformation Tuesday should be a regular series on the blog?

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