Happy Monday!

We had a wildly busy weekend, full of community & goodness! cupcake, rainbow, bright, colorful, baking Saturday I hosted a Maker Meet & craft date at my house. Local makers I admire gathered & we shared trade secrets, stories & advice. It was a small but sweet get-together. Brie from Life’s Gems, her sister Tatha from Stitched in Love & Vann from It’s Vann came.

sewing, handmade, monster maker, green hair, manic panic
Me sewing monsters shut – photo by Vann!
etsy shop owner, maker, friends, colorful
Vann from It’s Vann crafting away on packaging!
IMG_3157 copy
Tatha from Stitched in Love working on a newborn photo prop.

Right after the Maker Meet ended I freshened up & dashed out the door to help prepare for my sister in law’s high school graduation party. It all came together beautifully & was so dreamy, an elegant garden party on the patio with storm clouds rolling in. The rain held off for most of the party, but eventually it brought the event inside. Still a totally magical evening!

IMG_3203 copy
My sister in law Jenna helping light the candles.
IMG_3222 copy
The graduate herself, Julia, looking absolutely beautiful!
IMG_3195 copy
A peek into the dreaminess of the evening.

Sunday was a lazier day, but after I woke up from sleeping late (8am, can you believe it?!) I dove right into monster making! Julia’s actual graduation was today, but I’m still struggling with anxiety brought on by sitting in large crowds, so I opted to stay home & sew. Since our pup, Pip, got hit by a car last Saturday, I didn’t finish all the monsters for last week’s stocking, so at least I got lots of extra work in yesterday, right? I’m working through that pile of half finished cuteness this week (can’t wait to share them with you guys!) so it will up in my next stocking, which will be sometime before the end of the month. To make sure you don’t miss out, sign up for email notifications of new items! I send it out before I promote new listings on social media. 🙂 All the lightheartedness aside, later today we will be going to the nearby memorial of fallen soldiers from our town to pay our respects & leave flowers. My father is a Vietnam vet & so I’ve never viewed today as a reason to celebrate, have a cook out or go shopping. It’s always been a heavy heart kind of day, thinking about how some very brave soldiers literally gave their all for our country & how much respect we owe them, so we can be free to do things like have craft dates & graduation parties & work from home as a monster makers, even. I’m so thankful for my freedoms, grateful for & proud of all who serve or have served. ♥ And on that note, I’m signing off to cram in some more sewing before we head out to buy some flowers. Happy Monday, friends!

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