June’s Creative Daily prompts!

Happy June, guys! Can you believe today is the first day of June? Half this year is already tucked behind us, the other half sparkling with wonders & possibilities!

I am  late getting this up, because honestly, this is the first chance I have had to sit down & put the prompt list together! I do hope you will join me in another month of this fun photo challenge though!

What I hope creatives get out of this photo challenge is a sense of community while feeling creatively charged & inspired.  Joining in is so simple – you just snap a picture that relates to the dated prompt & post it to Instagram (or your blog, or on Facebook), add a description for the photo & the #creativedaily hashtag – like for the 1st, you could post a selfie & introduce yourself. For the 6th, you could screen shot your current favorite song or just share a pic of what you are working on & tell us about your creative playlist! For the 25th you could post something cracked, something that’s breaking your heart, something that’s wonderfully breaking the traditional way things are done. The possibilities are as endless as our imaginations & are totally open to interpretation! You don’t have to post every day – if you miss one or a few, that’s totally cool – this photo challenge is just for fun!

Feel free to share the image below – it is sized for Instagram! You can also blog it, Facebook it, Tweet it or post it to Tumblr – spread the word & the creative fun!

photo a day, photo challenge, instagram, marketingAre you on Instagram? Leave me a comment sharing your username so I can look you up! I’m @lu_and_ed!

7 thoughts on “June’s Creative Daily prompts!”

  1. Hi, I’m @cuddlelump on instagram! I’m kind of a late to the party kind of person when it comes to stuff like this, but I’m glad I saw it on FB! I’ll post something later tonight! 🙂

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  2. Great ideas! I haven’t used these yet, but I’m not as active on instagram as I could be.

    You can find me at either instagram.com/phaedrapaints or instagram.com/natalartgifts.

    Happy Tuesday!

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