Two tips for generating positive feedback

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During a chat with an acquaintance, she shared she was upset because she posted a photo of a new product on Facebook and asked her followers, “I’m not sure about this… What do you think?” The intent of the post was to start a conversation about her new product, create anticipation for it’s release & receive some praise for her work.

What she received some harsh negative feedback about a product she was super excited to release and needless to say, she was quite disheartened.

In order to get people excited about a new product, existing product, or well, anything you post on social media, you have to exude enthusiasm, excitement and confidence. Even if you don’t feel confident or you aren’t sure about how people will react, you have to present it like you think it’s going to be the next big thing – because enthusiasm is catching. Similarly, so is negativity – if you say “I don’t really like these colors…. What do you think?” you have just opened yourself for possible negative responses.

My advice: Don’t view your fans on Facebook or followers on Instagram and Twitter as strangers or worse, clients. Start thinking of them as a community who have gathered together in their mutual love for what you have to offer. They respect you. If you present something to your community that you don’t like, they will pick up on that and have a mutual distaste for it because they trust your taste.

Here is two examples – a positive way to build enthusiasm and excitement in your community, and one that, well, doesn’t.

“I adore this this fabric combo – it’s perfect for a nursery! Don’t you just love it!?”

Or the second more, negative option:

“Ugh, need opinions…. I’m not sure about this fabric combo… What do you think?”

See how negative the second one sounds in comparison to the first? Which do you think would generate the most excitement and anticipation about the product?

It isn’t always easy when you are trying to create a community around your products & brand. Here are three things to avoid when posting to social media if you want to create a community that is engaged, enthusiastic about your brand & excited about your products:

… dots

… in the middle of sentences… they just seem… so Eeyore-ish…. very sad… They suck the enthusiasm right out of your content… and make it seem like you aren’t entirely… sure, I guess … about your content…

 Negative sentence structure

If the first line of script people read contains negative words, they associate it with whatever it is you are posting about. Asking people for their opinion is a great way to drive interaction & engagement on social media but set up your content thoughtfully to craft an enthusiastic response & get people excited about your work!

When sharing content with your audience, avoid sentences that start with phrases like:

I don’t know
I’m not sure
I don’t like
I hate
I can’t stand

And focus instead on beginning sentences with phrases like these:

I adore
I enjoy
I absolutely freaking love
I’m in love with
I am so excited about

Some examples to really drive this home:

“I don’t know if I like this collection of charms. What do you think? “
“I adore how these charms look together! Which is your favorite?”
“I can’t stand yellow, but it was fun to work on this item. Do you like it?”
“I absolutely freaking love how this turned out, don’t you!?”
“I hated sewing all these ruffles but just completed this cute outfit! Should I add more to my shop?”
“I’m so in love with this ruffly little outfit – it was a challenging project but I think I may add some to my shop! What colors would you like to see?”

Try out these tips & see if you generate a more enthusiastic & positive response from your fans! 

Bonus tip – another great way to generate positive feedback is to give your fans ownership over the item. Let them name the new product, pick colors to pair with it or make suggestions for accessories/details. This gets your fans involved in the process & helps build a bond between consumers & your products! 

What is your favorite way to engage your fans & build excitement about products? 

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