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How to use the rating feature on Storenvy

Did you know has a rating system? Yup, Storenvy automatically sends out an email two weeks after people make a purchase, asking them to rate your store. Ratings for purchases can also be given through Storenvy if the buyer was logged in as a member when they made their purchase.

Here’s how to leave a rating:

Go to and log in. In the right hand corner, hover over your profile picture and chose “orders”.

Once you are on your orders page, simply click Rate This Store.

Once there, you can rate a shop on it’s on-time shipping, product quality and customer service, and also write a review.

Then press submit! Super quick and easy.

If you sell on Storenvy, to view your ratings, just hover over your shop panel in the top right & click “ratings”.
You will be able to see all of your ratings in detail on this page, as well as comments people included with their ratings.
Rating are visible on each product page that people view through the Storenvy Marketplace. It shows your total number of marketplace sales & how many ratings you have. mine shows highers ratings than sales because I had asked people from my custom store to rate their purchases using the steps above to test out the rating feature.
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For more information on the rating system, visit Storenvy’s blog for all the deets!

Feel free to share this post with your clients via social media to help walk them through the process so you can begin collecting ratings for your store!

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