Adventures in OKC.

Happy Monday, friends! We just got home from Oklahoma yesterday evening. It feels so good to return home after an adventure! The past five days have been absolutely wonderful, filling my soul up with goodness & recharging my creativity. I feel so inspired & motivated, it’s almost like an electrical pulse pulling me towards my studio to make all the Mon-stors!

But first! I wanted to share from photos from our adventures in Oklahoma City. I loved it. It was so colorful & full of personality. We were there visiting my bestie Jessica, who moved away to Texas a few years ago. Now that they have relocated to Oklahoma City, it’s just a five hour drive & we plan to visit frequently!


You are enough.


This thrift store was amazing!


Seen at Lake Hefner. Young Love!


Visiting Lake Hefner with my bestie Jessica!



This buffalo is in Bricktown district of OKC. G bumped into it and almost knocked it over!


Acting like proper tourists & getting photos at all the cool things.



Mosaics on the baseball stadium walls in Bricktown district of OKC.


This boy got tired of walking.


Loved this mural!



Acting like a tourist in front of a cactus at the Bass Pro Shop. Haha!


View of the state building as seen from the OKC Museum.


When in a mirrored elevator, take selfies.


Standing beside a real life space shuttle that spent 14 days in outer space!


Colorful galleries in the arts district.


Fun sculpture in the art district.


Blue stairs! I loved how colorful everything was in the Paseo.


Turtles in a fountain. Broke my heart. We almost rescued them but I didn’t know where the nearest pond was.

I can’t wait to go back to OKC & explore some more! We’re already planning our next visit, sometime in July or August. 🙂

I have housework to tend to then I am going to go on a wild monster making marathon in the studio! Happy Monday! Have a great week!

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