Thrifting, Transformation Tuesday

From blanket to…

Happy Tuesday! Welcome to another Transformation Tuesday, the day where I show you a peek behind the scenes into my eco-monster-making process! Today I’m sharing what I made from this thrift store find blanket!

girl turns old blankets into fun monster toys!

It was apparently gifted to a newborn baby named Sarah in 1993 – I wonder where Sarah is today? I wonder who made this blanket for her? It’s wild to think about the history behind some of the materials I use to turn into Mon-stors!

Now, before you scroll any further, guess what I made from that blanket. One Mon-stor? Twelve stuffed monsters? Some Mon-stor tote bags?

Got your number/product in mind?

Okay, scroll down & prepare to be wowed!

cute purple monster bag to hold toys for kids

cute purple monster toy holder for kids

IMG_3877 copy

One big Mon-stor, one small Mon-stor & a medium sized stuffed monster! And since I strive to make sure there is no landfill waste from the production of Mon-stors, all of the scraps I had left over that were too small to turn into monster horns or use for mouths on stuffed monsters,  I diced to blend with polyfil for stuffing. Cause don’t you know, I’m trying to save the world here. One monster at a time.

upcycled toys
Banner by Everglow Handmade – click to view her shop!

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