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Using Storenvy Super Discounts to your advantage

Everyone loves a good sale. Shoppers love them because they get to save money and get awesome things, and sellers love them because they drive traffic and create fresh interest in their products. Often, it results in new client growth & can help boost your business towards it’s next milestone.

As you know, I sell on Storenvy & the platform makes running sales to reward customers so simple for shop owners. If shop owner’s upgrade to Storenvy’s Super Discount package, which is a super affordable $5 a month, they can activate even more ways to reward their customers. Bonus, you can turn Super Discounts on & off as needed, so you aren’t paying for the service when you aren’t using it.

How to run sales on Storenvy
With Super Discounts activated, you can:

  • Use four discount options (percentage off, dollar off, free shipping and buy X get X free)
  • Specify a discount code or let the promotion apply automatically to all qualifying orders.
  • Set when promotions expire either after X amount of uses or on a certain date
  • Set a minimum order dollar amount required before the discount activates
  • Apply discounts to your entire store, specific collections or specific products
  • Track how many discounts are used and the total amount of dollars saved on discounts
  • Quickly pause or activate discounts

If you are trying to raise awareness about a new product, you can set them up to apply to qualifying orders (IE, all purchases over $15) or certain collections in your shop (IE, handbags only), so all your customers have to do is check out without applying a coupon code. The discount will automatically be taken off at checkout. When promoting this type of sale, use very clear verbiage & make sure you consistently link to the product collection the discount applies to instead of the homepage of your shop to avoid any confusion & reduce cart abandonment & customer support emails regarding the sale. Buy X, Get X is also good to promote new products – maybe buy your latest 8×11 art print & get a free 4×6 art print of their choice, or buy two candles, get one in your newest scent for free as a special promo.

Another great use of Super Discounts is to reward buyers by creating special discount codes just for them. You can add the coupon codes to your newsletter or slip them in with packages heading out to customers. This is a great way to build relationships with your clients, to convert those email subscribers into buyers & to encourage repeat purchases.

Another way Storenvy Super Discounts is fab is they let you feature a sale, so a banner appears across the bottom of your custom store with info for the sale, making it easy to convert new people visiting our shop for the first time into buyers.

For more info on how to run a successful sale, visit this post. In it I cover all the info I have gathered from research & personal experience over the past five and a half years!

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