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August Creative Daily photo prompts

Want to spice up your Instagram account? Then you should try out the Creative Daily photo challenge! It is the first & longest running photo challenge designed just for makers and creatives, built specifically to encourage natural engagement & audience growth on Instagram.

It’s super easy to join in – you just snap a photo daily that relates to the dated prompt (like the 12th is school, so a photo of your kiddo starting school, or maybe you back in your school days, or a photo of products you make that are school related like snack bags, or maybe a DIY item to make for teachers!) then you just post it to Instagram with the hashtag #creativedaily so other creatives can find your post & connect with you! To meet fellow makers, follow the hashtag & check out what everyone else is posting! It’s a great way to grow your audience on social media & network while coming up with creative things to post.

This image is sized for Instagram so feel free to download it & repost it or to share it on your blog or crafty Facebook groups you are in. The more people joining in, the merrier! Plus the more traffic you are driving to your social media posts, which helps amp engagement on Instagram organically!

A fun way to spice up your Instagram account & grow your audience!

You can also use the prompts for daily blog posts ideas or Facebook posts, just be sure to add the #creativedaily hashtag on social media & link back to this post on your blog so others can join in on the fun! 🙂

I’m @lu_and_ed on Instagram – add your IG username to the comments so everyone can say hi!

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