Finding my place, my peace & purpose.

My last serious post on this blog was about my intention to take an extended hiatus from monster making while I sorted some personal things out. I’ve since removed that post & resumed full time monster making with much vigor & excitement.

Finding my place, my peace & my purpose

I’m not yet ready to share what personal things I needed to sort out, but I do want to say thank you to everyone who sent me kind messages & encouraged me during the past few months. Clients & fellow creatives alike banded together so bless me with good intentions, and the universe is listening & guiding me, indeed!

It’s beautifully obvious that revisiting Lu & Ed full time was the right decision. Since I made a sort of unofficial come back three weeks ago, I’ve been showered with so many amazing messages, orders, notes of support, and so much good luck! This week alone, I received an inquiry about an amazing wholesale opportunity, contracted with a commission based shop AND found out an interview I had with Isa Seminega from last year was used in a copy of her new book, Creative Entrepreneur!


Like my best friend Cari says, “When good things start happening, it means you are on the right path.” And so much goodness is pouring out of the universe right now, even though some of the changes coming aren’t easy, even though some are soul wrenching, my heart is at peace knowing that I am on the right right path, and I am so glad to have all of you along with me for this journey. So thank you, everyone who is reading this, for your support, for your belief in me, for your kindness & love.

5 thoughts on “Finding my place, my peace & purpose.”

  1. So glad to hear you’re back! I am also going back and forth between my biz and my little guy, and I just know there is a balance to be found somewhere. I hope your time away has helped you get closer to your own balance 🙂 And cheers to your book feature – I’ll definitely be checking that out 🙂

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