Maker Made Monday

In an effort to get back into blogging regularly as well as giving back to my creative community, I decided to start a new series called Maker Made Monday. Each week I’ll share a maker I’m currently obsessed with. Want to join in & share your current favorite maker? In the comments, tell me what makers you are currently loving & add a link to their shop!


This week I am showcasing this awesome upcycled clothing line by Hip Remix – I recently discovered Rachel’s shop through the #madeinasheville tag on Instagram & immediately fell in love with her work! I can’t wait til things settle down & I can start shopping again – this dress? LOVE.


I am also totally loving this sweater


Plus I love pretty much all of her upcycled tee shirt skirts!


Not only is her fabric pairings impeccable, but her prices are amazing! Plus, she’s diverting textiles from landfills by giving them a fashionable new life. My hippie heart loves that! Definitely be sure to follow her on Instagram, like her Facebook page & visit her Etsy shop!

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