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Things I want to do during my life:

Buy a house, make it a cozy home and paint it in rainbow stripes on the outside and rainbow rooms on the inside.


Host weekly dinners & game nights with family and friends in said glorious rainbow house.

Adopt a bunch of pibbles (pit bulls) and give them wonderfully ridiculous names like Ramona the Wretched, Fierce Freddy or Daria the Daring.

Foster and adopt children.

Be happy.


me & my sweet niece Lena
What are your ‪#‎lifegoals‬?

4 thoughts on “#lifegoals”

  1. To be honest, I have a lot of life goals but these would be one of my top life goals:
    • Own a house with a decent amount of backyard space
    • Either make the whole backyard or part of the backyard into a cage where I can have my birds (my uncle’s backyard is a whole cage full of birds)
    • Become a bird breeder once I retire or when I have time to be one
    • Be able to travel outside of wherever I’ll live at least once a year (by outside I mean like out of the county if wherever I’ll live).
    • Be able to enjoy my job


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