3 SEO tips for Storenvy sellers

One thing people ask me a lot is how to improve their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on Storenvy. Improving your SEO not only helps you rank higher in searches in the Storenvy marketplace but also on Google & other search engines.

3 SEO tips for Storenvy sellers

I actually only decided to write this post because the most common complaint I get from people wanting help with SEO is “I just listed a product. I typed in my product name but my item doesn’t come up in search!” Those complaints are as common as “I put in my exact product name and it didn’t come up on the first page!” or “My products are on the tenth page even though I use my exact product name when I search!” Before you read on, please keep this in mind: Just because you list a product on Storenvy (or any site, really!), it not does entitle you to first page search listings. Those kind of results take time & effort. That said! If you recently listed the item (within a week) it probably hasn’t populated in the search results yet. Storenvy search algorithm is also based on popularity (number of Envies + number of watchers your shop has), purchases (number of purchases said product + your shop has – best selling items rank higher in search results!) & recency (newer items from popular stores will rank higher in search results). When on the road to building your Storenvy following, there is also the factor of making sure your FAQs are filled out & your shop is presented professionally on Storenvy, so spend some time customizing your FAQs, your shipping rates, editing your shop story, uploading awesome shop graphics & become an active part of the Storenvy community by Envying items, Watching shops & supporting your fellow Enviers so that your store will have a better chance at becoming a popular Storenvy shop, which means higher search engine results because active stores with a lot of interest (watchers, envies, sales) in them rank higher!

For Google results, it can take from four days to four weeks for a webpage to be indexed by bots. Other things to keep in mind is that search results on Google are based on popularity, which is determined by the amount of inbound links. Inbound links are what bots catalog to know how many people are visiting your site, and where from. The more popular the sites they are visiting from (Facebook, for instance, or a very well known parenting site, like Parents Magazine or something if you sell toys) the more “trust” your page will have & the higher it will rank in search results.

How can you build “trust” for your Storenvy listings? By sharing them on social media! Working with popular, high traffic blogs by offering items for a giveaway or offering an exclusive discount code to their audience in exchange for a blog feature. Work with other indie businesses to cross promote so you reach a wider audience, resulting in more inbound links.

Of course, if you are just starting out, you also have to build trust with your audience, and you can’t do that by shoving links down their throats. So it’s sort of a catch .22 – you have to start by finding out what your audience likes, interacting with them, and then down the road by presenting your products in such a way that they are enticed to click the link to learn more (and hopefully purchase). It’s no quick and easy “I just listed my products last week and I want them to be ranked #1 on Google search!” thing. YOU have to put in the work for your products to rank higher in search engines.

All that aside, once you have done the work to build your audience & start driving traffic to your product listings, there are some things you can do to help them rank even higher in search results on Storenvy.

Don’t keyword stuff titles

Nothing is tackier than listings with 2371982719837985623 keywords shoved in title. I could say “Stuffed Monster” or I could say “plush toy, monster toy, stuffed toy, baby lovey, cute monster, handmade monster + eleventy billion more silly titles”. Search engines like the first one better, because it’s not manipulating the system. Keyword stuffed titles may actually hurt your search engine rankings. Since Storenvy search engines use the listing title, entire product description & product tags for search, you don’t need a keyword stuffed tag anyway. Stick with a simple, descriptive tag that describes what the product is so it has better chances of appearing in search results. Shorter titles are actually better on Storenvy, because the product title gets cropped short to fit a certain character limit when viewed from your shop home page or the marketplace.

Write amazing, keyword rich product descriptions

Really, I already wrote a great post on this that covers pretty much everything I could say about it, so go read it here.

Use only the most relevant tags

On Storenvy, you have 55 character spaces to use for your keyword tags, which aid in populating search results and organizing them by relevancy. The good thing is that spaces are not required, just a comma to separate words, so that gives you even more characters to work with!

A lot of people complain that this isn’t a lot, but it’s often just enough because you only want to use the absolutely most relevant keywords so you get the absolutely best shoppers who are actually looking for your product landing on your items. Think long and hard about what words people will actually use to search for your products, and narrow it down to just the most relevant ten words possible. Other keywords should be used descriptively in your product descriptions actually describing the product. (Again, see this post for advice on writing killer descriptions!)

Utilize these simple tips & watch organic traffic begin to increase in your shop!

Keep in mind, you can boost your SEO other ways, by editing your meta tags, submitting your products to Google, etc. But these tips are for improving your SEO on Storenvy, and are based entirely on my own personal experience using the platform successfully over the last six years.

Feel free to leave any Storenvy search engine optimization questions/comments in the comment box of this post – SEO is a very broad subject so I’d love to open the door to discuss concerns, thoughts, questions & experiences about improving search engine rankings on Storenvy!

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