3 Reasons No One Likes Your Facebook Page

As a maker, blogger or brand, odds are you have a Facebook page. And if you have one, odds are also likely that you are frustrated with lack of engagement & interaction on Facebook due to all their algorithm changes that lessen the amount of people who see your posts.

3 reasons no likes your Facebook Page

But here’s some real, hard to swallow truth. While Facebook does limit visibility, they do it for a reason – and maybe the reason is people aren’t liking or commenting on your content because they don’t like it.

I know, that stings. It sucks, and  it’s a hard truth to accept. But the entire reason Facebook implemented the algorithm was to reduce low-quality pages from Facebook Newsfeeds and replace it with highly interactive & appealing content for users. So if your content is not relevant to your fans and receiving interactions from the people it is shown to initially, your posts will appear in less & less of your fan’s feeds. This is why it’s so important to have a killer marketing campaign on Facebook.

After my divorce & I moved, I had a lot of sleepless nights that I spent scrolling through Facebook & finding new pages to follow. And I took in a lot of content pages were posting, and could see some giant red flags that actually made me not want to follow or interact with their pages. In an effort to make marketing better,  more approachable and easier to digest, here are three reasons your content may not be king:

You don’t post frequently

I’m not sure why, but a lot of pages aren’t posting regularly – several makers & kid’s clothing brands I browsed recently were only posting 2-4 times a month!! – and the less often you post, the lower your page goes in the algorithm abyss! Brand pages should be posting at least once a day, twice a day on their busier days. Think about when your audience is online (if they are moms, probably in the mornings after breakfast/school drop off and in the afternoons after school pick up & activities) and post accordingly. It may take some experimenting to get it right, but if you want people to interact with your content you have to continuously be pushing out fresh goodness for them to love on!

Your content is totally irrelevant

If I am looking for kid’s tee shirts, I don’t want to sift through posts about your dog, coffee from Starbucks, your new hair cut and where you got your new dress. I’d rather see posts about kid’s fashion, how to style your products, fan photos, parenting advice maybe, some fun questions about kids (you can then use the information you gather to develop future products), testimonials from consumers, and posts asking fans which option they like better – you know, content that revolves around your products, your target audience, and your end goal – which I’m assuming is getting new interest in (& selling) your products! It doesn’t hurt to be creative and share other parts of your life – just make sure that at a glance, your Facebook page can show off your work, direct people to your shop & drive interest around your products, preferably all within the last 5 posts! Most people won’t scroll much further than that when they discover a new brand, especially on mobile, so make sure you keep posts with this content close to the top!

There is no original content on your Facebook page

Why even have a Facebook page if you are just going to push posts from Instagram to Facebook? Take time to add some text posts, photo galleries, share relevant articles, customer testimonials, etc – don’t just use automated posting & never check your page! Update it daily, and be sure to upload unique content directly to it so it has value as a business tool. If you don’t give people a reason to follow your Facebook page and interact with it, they won’t. So focus on curating fresh content just for your Facebook page to ignite conversations with your current fans – and watch the new fans come trickling in!


Every brand has the potential to have an amazing community rooting for them – you have to make sure you are watering the roots of this community by giving them content they desire & can support. Take some time to get to know your audience & find what they respond well to – and keep doing more of that!

Do you struggle with marketing on Facebook? What is your biggest challenge? Let’s discuss in the comments! 


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