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Kicking off 2016 with new #creativedaily photo challenges!

Two years ago, I launched the #creativedaily Instagram photo challenge, the first photo challenge just for makers & creatives. It worked as both a creative outlet & a way for makers to network on Instagram with dated prompts to help makers & creatives come up with fresh content for their IG accounts besides the basic product pictures & mug shots, all while building a community of hustlers, movers & shakers that embrace how wildly and wonderfully different we can all interpret a single word.

Somewhere around the time I decided to get a divorce, took a hiatus from my business, moved half way across the country, and so on, this creative venue slipped to the back burner and I stopped making the prompt lists. During the break from it, I received several messages from makers asking when I would be restarting this fun photo challenge. And so, during a short break from traveling this holiday season, I whipped up a prompt list and am excited to release my Creative Daily challenge back out into the wild! I feel like I need this kick in the pants to start posting daily & getting creative with my IG account again. Anyone else feel that way after crawling out of a slump?

Anyway, to participate, all you have to do is a snap a picture that relates to the dated prompt, upload it to Instagram with a description & add the #creativedaily hashtag! Be sure to click the tag and check out what other maker babes and dudes are posting daily, too!


Since I did take an extended hiatus from this challenge, I could super use your help spreading the word about it! This image is sized for Instagram so feel free to download it & tell your friends about #creativedaily! You can also reblog this post, copy & paste it to Facebook if you like or just send the image to a friend you know that loves to take pictures. 😉 Any help sharing the creativity and inspiration is greatly appreciated!

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