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How one word changed my life this year (& the word I chose to focus on in 2016)

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I have been brainstorming for weeks what my One Little Word for 2016 should be. Last year’s word, Quality, literally changed my life and brought me to where I am now.

I chose that word because I wanted to focus on the quality of my life. Invest more quality time with my son. Improve the quality of different aspects for my business – from photography to product descriptions to where I invest my business funds.

Business wise, I set to work right after the new year improving the quality of product photos, product descriptions and my social media campaigns – and within weeks was featured in Parents Magazine and many other online and print publications! Where I focused on improving quality, I saw immediate results. This was definitely the word I needed to focus on to take my business to the next level.


Through focusing on that word, it led me to realize my marriage was not healthy, and ultimately, after months of trying to improve the quality of it, months of trying to find some middle ground, deciding to petition for a divorce, which led to my choice to move home and be near my family, something I had wanted for the past five years that my husband had never been open to. If I hadn’t focused so intently on the word Quality & improving the quality of my life and all my relationships, I doubt I would have had the courage to acknowledge how unhealthy & unfair my marriage was & ask for a divorce. While it hurts, I know it was the best, healthiest choice for both of us.

The word Quality also led me to contact my son’s birth father for the first time since he was conceived when I was 19- and that resulted in the most unexpectedly wonderful relationship between my son, me & his dad. I knew introducing Gauge to him would improve the quality of his life, but I had no idea the positive impact it would have on my life. I was able to put so much anxiety & pent up emotions behind me and begin to heal after contacting Kris, Gauge’s biological father. Mending fences, becoming close friends with Kris and moving home has eliminated so much of my anxiety and depression. I no longer have panic attacks at the thought of leaving the house, yay! Contacting Kris & moving home was easily the best things that I did in 2015 to improve the quality of mine and my son’s life!

This year, I needed something equally monumental. Something to reflect this chapter in my life, this rough, coarse and gritty chapter. Something to focus on, to remind that though things can be difficult I will come out the other side okay. Because things are going to be tight & tough – I’ll be relying entirely on my monster making business to pay the rent, buy groceries, pay for water and electricity, gas & insurance. We’ll be starting from scratch when we move into our new apartment (hopefully in February or March!) & I’d be lying if I said this transitional period has been/will be easy for my son & I.

As I was meditating on what word I should chose to focus on this year, I kept coming back to Grind. It is reflective of what I feel like 2016 has in store for me – grinding away the rough bits, the jagged edges, breaking off the parts that catch & tear. By the end of 2016, I feel like my son & I feel be smooth, polished & fresh, moving easily through our new life.

My business has some rough edges I need to grind smooth, as well – from book keeping to social media campaigns, marketing habits to creating a look book & starting a brand rep campaign – so many little rough drafts, sloppy habits & ideas for my business that need to be tumbled & ground until they sparkle & shine. Plus, I meed to hustle and grind if I want to meet my production goals for 2016. 😉 But mostly, I feel like I was drawn to the word Grind because I do have a lot of rough edges in my business I need to smooth down in order for things to operate fluidly, with much less effort & higher return on investment.

And so I chose Grind. Even though it’s a little rough and raw. But that’s okay. Because that’s where I am right now. I’m refining myself, my life. I’m honing my business habits so I can run Lu & Ed more efficiently.

Do you chose a word, lyric, poem to focus on intentionally through the year? Or do you make a resolution to improve your life, instead? Let’s share our goals, dreams and plans for 2016 in the comments!

7 thoughts on “How one word changed my life this year (& the word I chose to focus on in 2016)”

  1. I actually JUST scheduled a blog post to go up January 1st with my inspiration song for the year. It definitely helps me to have something to hold onto and to fill my head with when I’m not sure which direction to take.


  2. Inspirational as always, Cody. I think “brave” is another word to describe your year as well. I’m so glad to hear that things changed for the positive for you. Now to ponder my word… “Change” is the biggest one that comes to mind between kid #3 coming in a few months and more than likely making this business my only job. But it doesn’t feel like it’s enough.


    1. Congrats on baby three! When are you due? It sounds like Change is a good word for you – it will remind you to embrace each day for it brings something new – even though it’s challenging, it will all be a good change, I’m sure! Sending positive vibes your way!!


      1. Thanks! Due on March 3rd so it’s coming fast! I’m looking forward to the changes that’s for sure. I went to college initially to run my own business so I figure it’s about time I actually stop doubting myself and do it! “Fearless” is another word I’m pondering over.


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