Five Friday Favorites

I’m sorta broke this holiday season (thanks, divorce & moving half way across the country) so I wasn’t able to shop indie/handmade as much as I usually do – and that stinks cause my maker buddies were killing  it this year with new designs, awesome products & amazing sales!

Since I couldn’t indulge in excessive holiday shopping this year (and won’t be able to for a while, ugh) I decided to do a little series here & there featuring some of my favorite items on my to-buy lists from my maker buddies that I think y’all might dig too!

First up, I recently met Hánni of Wolfe & Scamp. She makes the most darling baby bibs, hoodies, headbands and other goodies for kids. My personal favorite item that I would have LOVED to have snag my nephew this year? A rainbow dino (or monster!) hoodie! Serious cuteness going on here.


I was actually able to score my niece some sweet floral headbands from It’s Vann by doing a swap with her (a giant mega red stuffed Mon-stor for three headbands, yay!). I love Vann’s sweet headbands and have several myself. She also makes awesome handpainted necklaces for kids too – my son has one and he wears it all the time. Seriously fun kid’s accessories!


I have gotten sooooo many gifts from Landon’s Toy Box over the years, and this year Holly added so many awesome new product lines! Her pillow dolls & stacking toys were on the top of my list for my littlest niece, who just turned two. I think I am going to order some for her Easter basket this year since I wasn’t able to snag any for Christmas. I mean seriously, my niece needs this monster stacking set. Needs it. 


JoyalTee makes amazing pants for kids from discarded, misprinted or thrifted tee shirts. I totally need to get my nephew Caleb about two dozen pants of these – that boy could live in PJ pants but these are waaaaaaaaaaaaaay cuter!


And last but not least I am so so so in love with Happy Guppy home goodies! I bought my mom a ‘cactus’ from her last year & have decided I’m going to buy her one every year for her birthday – these are just too cute and are such a fun thing to collect!


And there you have it – five things currently on my to-buy list! Which item from this line up is your favorite?

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