Maker Must-Haves: Photography Lamps

Beyond having a decent camera, I cannot stress enough how important good lighting is for makers who photograph their own work. I received photography lamps as a gift last year and they have totally changed my photography game & taken my images to the next level.

Here is photographic evidence – these images were taken at night in my old studio and were not edited at all. Right, overhead lighting. Left, photography lamps on. Using different lighting is the only difference between these images!


In this example below I used a photo taken with the same camera on the same settings in the same place at the same time in my house as the photo on the right – the only difference was that I used photography lamps for the image on the right, and yet that photo is so much more clear, crisp and vibrant, the details like the texture of the hair & stitching stand out better and the product is evenly lit, with no unsightly or distracting shadows like the image on the left.

And guess what? It’s really not that expensive of an investment to take your product photos to the next level! For less than $100 you can get a decent set off Amazon like the one I use, and with a little experimenting with angles, reflectors, natural light & editing, you can start producing professional quality images of your products! Out of all of the investments I’ve made in my business, a good camera & photography lights have definitely given me the most return on investment!

What is your greatest product photography struggle? Let’s chat in the comments! 

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