3 Things You Should Review, Refresh & Revise RIGHT NOW in your online shop

January marks a new year, a clean slate for you & your indie business alike. For some, this is their busiest time sales wise – for others, the slowest. Whatever it is for you, make sure you carve out some time to Review, Refresh & Revise your online shop! As a year wears on and passes by, we as business owners grow and change. Our business changes, too. It is constantly evolving and improving as we do. We improve in certain areas, learn  & do better at certain things, which is always sculpting and shaping the future of our little businesses we take such pride in.

As we evolve as business owners & refine our processes, we need to make sure every aspect of our business evolves with us. Here are three things I sit down to review & tweak every January to make sure my business is performing efficiently & looking good while it grows:

renew copy.png

Product Listings/Descriptions

When was the last time you updated your product listings? Maybe you have thought of better ways to describe your products, or new ways to use them, since initially writing your product’s descriptions. Maybe you have narrowed down your target market better, and have a better idea of what words & phrases trigger purchases in your audience. Review, refine and refresh your verbiage in product listings at least annually, if not seasonally. Here is a great post on writing keyword rich product descriptions.

Product Photography

As we grow as business owner, we refine certain skills – like product photography. I like to think of it as ever evolving. If your product styling has changed since you listed the products in your store, take some time to update your product listings with fresh images so the vibe you radiate between your shop & social media is cohesive. This is something I often forget to do (especially since I moved! So my product pictures I took in Missouri don’t match with my NC photos – working on updating that this month!) so I need this reminder as much as anyone else, haha! But also, photography is something we only can get better at – make sure your image styling on Instagram is as beautiful as your product listing photos, or vice versa – basically, make sure only the BEST images of your products are currently on the internet!

Your FAQs & Store Policies

A lot can change in a year. Maybe you’re fulfilling orders differently through a new supplier, or maybe you no longer offer refunds, or maybe you had a customer use a product incorrectly & it broke, or perhaps you moved like me, and need to update your location settings – whatever the case, make sure to review & update your shop policies & FAQ’s appropriately so that all information is accurate & easily accessible.


Here’s to a great year, indie biz buddies! I’ll be back next week with another post about reviving & refreshing your business because hey, isn’t that what January is all about? (Other than taxes, but ugh, who wants to talk about that, amiright?)

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