Free printable income & expense sheets!

A lot of people use digital accounting software but I still prefer to use pen & paper to document all the money flowing in and out. Between income/expense sheets & a planner where I write transactions on the dates they occured, it keeps me more accountable and aware of sales trends & spending habits. I created these fun printable income & expense sheets a few years ago that I use myself, and I wanted to share them with you guys, too!


The income sheet is broken into three categories:

  •  Event and in-person sales. With eleven lines, you have more than enough room to track total income from events, and weekly totals from in-person sales.
  •  Ad income. Record income you generate from ad sales here, if you host ads on your blog.
  • Online sales. With fifteen lines you have enough room to write in four columns of sales totals from individual transactions in your online shop.


The expense sheet is broken into four simplified categories:

  • Web stuff. Domain hosting, listing fees, transactions fees, etc. There are seven lines so you can record fees weekly and make notes.
  • Advertising. The advertising bubble has five lines for you to record money you invest into paid ads, business card and print advertisements, craft show booth admission, or cost of items or services donated to giveaways.
  • Supplies. Fourteen lines to write supply expenses, such as office supplies, fabric, yarn, packaging tape, poly mailers, etc.
  • Postage. Fourteen lines which can be broken into two columns to record postage  paid to ship goods each month.

Tip: Print one each of the sheets, and staple or glue the bottom and side together, leaving the top open to create an envelope. Insert all receipts, invoices and at the end of the month a print out of monthly sales log into the envelope. Come tax time everything is in one neat little place ready to file or hand over to your accountant!


How do you track your income / expenses? Do you file your taxes yourself or go to an accountant? Share your tax wisdom in the comments below to continue the conversation!

4 thoughts on “Free printable income & expense sheets!”

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    This woman is clearly not a broke entrepreneur! She has all her ducks in a row. Follow her simple and yet amazing ideas to keep everything nice and neat for next tax season!


  2. I do all my own taxes (lucky me?) and I keep spreadsheets as I go throughout the year, one for sales and one for expenses with everything itemized so I know what I spent on what. It’s annoying, but it makes my life easier come tax time!


  3. I need to be more organized with my receipts. I will give this a try for the rest of 2016. I have a spreadsheet on Google docs, but sometimes it is MONTHS before a receipt finds its way from the bottom of the craft store bag to my purse to my desk to be entered in the computer.


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