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March #creativedaily prompts

Man. February was an intense month for me – I think I missed the entire last half of February’s #creativedaily prompts! That didn’t slow you guys down – over 1000 images were uploaded to Instagram with the #creativedaily hashtag last month! WHOA. But hey, today, I’m moving into my new house, things are settling in my life & I’m back at it full swing, y’all! So let’s try to double those numbers this month!

My son helped me come up with more than half of the prompts for this month’s #creativedaily challenge – it looks exceptionally fun & challenging, & I’m actually really excited for this month’s prompts! I think it’s going to be a LOT of fun to see what people post, plus trying to come up with something awesome for each day!

Here’s to another month of bringing makers together through imagery & art. Cheers, and happy March friends!

march creativedaily prompts.PNG

It’s sized for Instagram so feel free to download it and share there to help spread the word about the challenge – because hey, the more people involved means the more people seeing your awesome pictures, so why not?! – plus if you want you can also repost the graphic on your blog or Facebook pages, too. Wherever you wanna spread the word is cool with me, let’s just get people excited about making things, taking pictures and being creative daily!

New here? #creativedaily serves as both a creative outlet & a way for makers to network on Instagram. The dated prompts help makers & creatives come up with fresh content for their IG accounts besides the basic product pictures & mug shots, all while building a community of artists, designers and makers. It’s incredible to look through the #creativedaily feed on Instagram & see how differently we all interpret a single word!

To participate, all you have to do is a snap a picture that relates to the dated prompt, upload it to Instagram with a description & add the #creativedaily hashtag! Be sure to click the tag and check out what other maker babes and dudes are posting daily, too!


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