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April #creativedaily Instagram Photo Challenge Prompts

So, I bombed on March’s #creativedaily prompts – between a half week vacation to Savannah, hustling my booty off making Mon-stors for stockings this month & prepping for my first maker market this Saturday (THIS SATURDAY! AM I CRAZY?!) I won’t even lie – it was the furthest thing from my mind! But with the scary word of Instagram changing, I know I need to get more consistent with posting! So I’m back and ready to get cracking with April’s prompts – which lots of lovely makers from the Makers Making it Happen group on FB helped me come up with! So they are ultra unique and some are super challenging, which I think always makes Creative Daily even more fun.

If you are new to me, my blog or the photo challenge, #creativedaily is an Instagram based daily photo challenge. Each day there is a prompt, and it’s amazing to see how each maker, artist, creative and mama interprets the prompts! We all take one little word or phrase and each post is so different and unique. I love it! You can post each day, or just when you want to. It’s a great way to grow your audience, get new eyes on your feed and connect with fellow creatives!

Here is April’s prompt list. It’s sized for Insta so feel free to download and post it there to invite your friends to join in, reblog it, share it on your Facebook – wherever you want to spread the word! The more people participating, the more people seeing your feed, liking your photos & the more friends you make, yay!

april 2016 prompts

Do you plan on joining in? Comment with your Insta-handle so I can connect with you! I’m @lu_and_ed!

20 thoughts on “April #creativedaily Instagram Photo Challenge Prompts”

  1. Hello!! I love the idea!! I am in surely!! I think this is a great way to get in touch with our followers… this is my info: @bhappycrafting …I have another question regarding IG…I read that the “new” changes are not yet in effect. That they are right now running test with small IG sample groups? Have you read anything regarding being a “test”? Great blog!


    1. They are currently running the new feed in Beta from what I understand (a small batch of users were upgraded to test for bugs). After it passes Beta it will probably be rolled out widely.


  2. I do love these! I will give it a go again. I found them fun. Just need to up my participation to align better with the challenges!!!


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