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Identifying your Dream Clients


Who is your target audience may seem like an easy to answer question but it’s probably more complex than you think.This week, I’ll be publishing my series on identifying your dream clients, their interests, personality traits, online habits & how to approach them. Below I have created a series of questions for you to ask yourself. Concentrate on each one. Visualize your dream client, the person you want to see holding your products. Imagine where they live, how they live, what they do. I bet you can think of some popular Insta-stars, magazines or bloggers you would LOVE to see feature your products, right?! THAT is your dream client. That is who this series is about reaching. And this whole series this week will be focused on identifying them, getting to know them, figuring out when they are online, and learning how to approach them.

Defining your dream client does not mean that just because you sell to people in their twenties AND their seventies that you would no longer be selling to them – it means that you are identifying the social class, personality & interests of the people you want to buy from you, people who are influential about products similar to yours, so that you can maximize your marketing to bring in even more sales beyond the sales you are already generating. If you are marketing to everyone, you are marketing to no one – if you are speaking to just the right people, in just the right way, at just the right time, your business will thrive! That is what identifying & marketing to your dream client is all about!

For instance, I make toy storage solutions and plush toys. I could ask all my friends to like my Facebook page & follow me on Twitter & Instagram, but let’s be real – do I really think that my boyfriend’s 24 year old brother or people that are his age/gender has any interest in my products & would buy them regularly & share them with their friends? What about my single friends who have no desire to have children? Or what about all those people in the craft forums I’m a part of? Do you really think that other makers are my target audience for handmade toys? Do you really think if I get them to like my Facebook page or follow me on Instagram it will result in more sales? A few, perhaps. But not as many as if I was marketing my brightly colored, ecofriendly toy storage solutions specifically to young moms who have eclectic tastes & want sustainable, ecological products for their small children, don’t ya think?

Now, let’s get to analyzing our products and the people we want to see connecting with them! When you think about the most popular, influential people you know that you would love to see sharing your products on social media…..

Are they male or female? 

What is their style like?

How old are they?

What is their favorite social media platform?

Do they live in the suburbs, city or country? In a house or apartment? 

What kind of hobbies do they have? 

What sort of job do they have?

What is their average income like? 

Are they blissfully single, or happily married? 

If neither, are they planning a wedding?

Are they parents? 

If yes, are they natural parents?  

Do they have pets? 

To participate in this exercise: in the comment box, copy these questions and your answers to them. Remember, this is not about your current clientele but your DREAM clients. The most influential people you can think of that you want to see buying, using, wearing, and sharing your products! 

Expand on as many questions as you can – the more you can identify about your target audience, the easier it will be to learn to market to them! If they are parents, how many kids do you think they have? If they live in the city in an apartment, how do they decorate & use their space? If they are trendy, describe how you imagine their personal style.

You will use your results from these questions to determine your target audience & how you can use this knowledge to your advantage with the upcoming posts I will be publishing this week, so make sure to put your answers to these questions somewhere that you can review them frequently!


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