Grinding through 2016

Hey guys. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve paid attention to my blog. Life has been consuming me lately, and honestly this just sort of got shoved to the back burner.

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True to my “one little word” for 2016, I’ve been “Grind-ing” away. Not just in the studio making lots and lots of monsters (sitting at monster #238 of my 500 monsters in 2016 goal, so just slightly behind on my yearly goal) but also in life. Since my divorce & moving half way across the country in November, some time to reflect, absorb and find myself was expected. I didn’t expect it to be so rough though – or to run into one financial crisis after another, either. Ugh.

But like I said, true to my word of the year, I’ve been grinding. Grinding away each day, chipping away at the rough bits, breaking a little by  little so that in the end, everything is smooth & soft. The first quarter of the year, when I was home sharing with my brother and sister in law who were gracious enough to open their home to me, I was pretty disappointed in myself, I won’t even lie. I went from home ownership and stability to a tiny bedroom shared with my son and dog. I ended up staying months longer than anticipated – and when I finally did move out into my own cute (but tiny, so tiny) home, I was hit with unexpected fees and deposits and ended up seriously strapped financially and no amount of hustle in the studio was equating to the amount of money I needed to make ends meet.

So the first half of this year was spent really getting to know myself, what this new life demands from me, how tough and dedicated I am, how much I value my independence and ability to provide for myself. After lots of self-pep talks, getting a room mate (which made our tiny house even more tiny but we’re making it work!), snagging some baby sitting jobs & lining up some clear goals and action plans for my little monster biz, I’m finally regaining my confidence and really appreciating how difficult it’s been to re-acclimate to life in WNC. I learned a lot about myself the past several months, and I am still so excited about all the amazing changes this year has had in store for me – even if the majority of them so far haven’t been easy, comfortable or even remotely anticipated.

All that aside though? This year is truly shaping up to exactly what I needed from it – rough discovery and soul exploration. Pushing me to my limits, breaking all the rough edges off and revealing the beauty beneath.

And while May was a hugely disappointing month sales wise for me, I know without a doubt June will be the best month yet this year! #optimistprime  Mostly because I have tons of shows lined up (East West Market and West Asheville Art Walk in June, Big Crafty in July!) that will be helping me to get established as a maker here and spread the word about Lu & Ed, while also helping me make some awesome connections and get re-familiarized with the area again! 🙂 So if you are local, mark your calendars and come say hi – I’d love to meet you!

So yeah. That’s my mini update about my radio silence here on the blog and what’s been going on, as well as what I have coming up. I hope to get back to regular posting this month, I have tons of drafts saved on lots of businessy topics, but I also have some cool gift guides I’m working on and other goodness for the blog – stay tuned!


10 thoughts on “Grinding through 2016”

  1. I hear you! Having a child with a chronic illness (Crohns Disease), medical bills keep slapping us upside the head. Just when it seems like we’re finally making headway, the deductible resets and we’re back to square one again. Sounds like you have some great shows lined up. Here’s to great sales in June! I will watch for you in the link-ups and share your adorable monsters!

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    1. Hi, Elaine!

      I am sorry to hear about the medical bills tug of war! UGH. Double UGH. My son is 4 and is Autistic. We go round and round with insurance companies and then some! Blah!!!

      Anyhoo, I love a good #linkup! Any you would care to share!? I’d be forever grateful to you! Best of luck with everything!Thanks so much! ❤


    2. Elaine, that sounds like a nightmare, so sorry to hear about the struggles with the insurance company! I can’t imagine how stressful that must be – sending you all sorts of good vibes!


  2. Sorry to hear it’s been such a trying time! I hope things are looking up for you. I am from Asheville and now live not too far from there, still. Crazy small world!! Hope all Ashevillians get a slice of the MONSTOR pie!! ❤ ❤


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