Once a Month Challenge


I run a Storenvy community Facebook group for Storenvy sellers & one question I get a lot is how to drive more people to the Marketplace side of things, or complaints that the Marketplace can be stagnant at times.

The Storenvy Marketplace is a lot like Etsy, where all Storenvy listings go, plus you get your own custom website builder to use. The Storenvy Marketplace is an incredibly valuable resource – but one that is largelyΒ under-appreciated by sellers. Β I sell primarily through my custom store, but the Marketplace has offered me some HUGE opportunities – like being featured in Parents Magazine and in Buzzfeed as well as many other parenting blogs! So I super duper highly mega recommend all sellers opt into the Marketplace & drive traffic to it (the more traffic you drive to it > more envies & sales > higher search rankings > more opportunities for exposure!).

Anyway, so after answering a series of questions this morning (just like every morning) about selling on Storenvy & maximizing exposure in the Marketplace, I decided to come up with a little challenge for sellers (and anyone else who wants to join in!) that will really help take the Storenvy Marketplace to the next level & increase the amount of Marketplace sales being generated through the platform.Β The goal of this challenge will be to raise awareness about the Storenvy Marketplace, drive new sales for small businesses, encourage Storenvy Marketplace sellers, and to stimulate the Storenvy economy so to speak.

How do I plan to achieve all that? Once a month, I’m going to make a purchase (money’s tight, so they will be very small purchases right now) from the Storenvy Marketplace, and I will then share about that product/seller here on my blog & on social media. Hopefully a few other sellers or shoppers will join me in this challenge to support small businesses! The more consumers we can get involved to purchase once a month through the Storenvy Marketplace & then share on their blogs/social outlets, the greater the economic stimulus for Storenvy sellers will be as well as the more exposure the Storenvy Marketplace will get. Small businesses helping small businesses thrive. It’s a wonderful thing!

Want to join in? Visit Storenvy (want to shop handmade only on Storenvy? Go here.), browse around, make a purchase (no matter how small!), and once your product arrives, you can write a blog post or create a post on social media using the tag #onceamonthproject – then hit me up & I’ll link to your post in my monthly post! Together we can support & encourage one another while driving more sales for small businesses!

Let me know your thoughts about this challenge in the comments! I’d love to know if you are interested in joining in!

15 thoughts on “Once a Month Challenge

  1. Totally going to do this! And I think I’ll start with your shop! I have a 19 month old son who would get a total kick out of your merch! I’m hoping to get more traffic to my shop as I’ve only made a few small sales (one technically on my shop) and they were all friends. I’m trying to work on some less expensive pieces of jewelry because I know we all are tight in the money area! I know I am! This is such a great idea! I’m going to work on a blog post about how I’m participating in this and will link to your post if that’s ok!

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  2. Just found out the gender of the grandbaby arriving in October. I think she needs a sensory blanket! I just need to get some funds into my PayPal first! I have some rewards I can cash in.


  3. I am going to def jump into this! Shop owners helping other shop owners and spreading the word about Storenvy is the way to go. Great place and I can say being on it has been amazing! I work so hard on my items that if they can get a loving home and people who would love them just as me I would be thrilled. I love to help others and make them smile.



  4. I shared your blog post on my pages (my own page, and business page), saying “if you buy something at Wal-Mart, the cashier doesn’t say “Oh, you bought a cute t-shirt, that makes my day!”… but if you buy from a crafter, it sets off the Happy Dance!

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  7. This is a great idea! Thank you so much for the opportunity to support the shops we love as well as our own shops! I will be tagging my purchases for sure.


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