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5 Must-Have Halloween Products Moms Will Want to Use All Year!

I love Halloween. It is tied for Christmas for my favorite holiday! So I wanted to put together a fun little line up of my favorite Halloween goodies that make great gifts + can be used year round, because spooky is always in style.

Of course a monster maker would say that, but I’m serious, this line up is perfection!

Spooky Gnome Homes: These will look adorable in your potted plants or garden year round!

Β From Just Tawny, $20

SKULL.TRIO_original (1).jpg

Strange and Unusual Children’s (and mom sizes!) Tee: Because kids are weird year round.

From Punky Moms, $21.50


Monster Tote Bag: Use it for Trick-or-Treating, then as a library bag, over night bag or even a reusable grocery bag during the rest of the year!

From my shop, Lu & Ed, $18 & up


Felt Play Masks – Great for kids who don’t want to wear a weird rubbery mask on Halloween, and perfect for year round pretend play!

From Opposite of Far, $20 & up


Dinosaur or Dragon Hoodie – Easy peasy costume, then essential cool weather wear.

From Wolfe + Scamp, $34 & up


Which is your favorite from this line up?

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

This week, I am currently loving…

… coffee ice cream, smothered in chocolate syrup. Cannot.get.enough.

… working on these furry Mon-stors. It’s messy, but they have so much personality!

sewing, iphone, crafting, studio, wip

… everything from SG Artistry, but especially this print.

art, print, galaxy, storenvy

Β this fundraiser so a mom who is about to have twins. She couldn’t afford to take a full maternity leave, meaning having to rush back to work shortly after birthing twins, without giving her body proper time to heal – but omhg members launched into action & started this fundraiser so she can take the time needed for her body to recover & her family to adjust to life with two cute new little babies! How rad is that?! #faithinhumanityrestored

What are you loving this week?