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The Power of Polyvore – Why Makers Should be Collaborating with One Another + Other Tips

For today’s tip post, Beth of Wilde Designs is sharing how important collaboration with other makers & brands is, and how simple it is to increase your range & traffic to your shop by using Polyvore!


We all love pretty things. Shiny things. We like to imagine that whatever we make will be part of a stunning collection of goods in a magazine someday. alongside larger known brands. 

The beauty of the internet is that we don’t have to wait and wonder what these beautiful collections might look like! There are so many ways to do gorgeous product collages, also known as “flatlays”, on the internet on our own, and so many ways to collaborate with other makers, designers & brands to make these collections go viral!

Why create a product collage? Not only do they allow our audience to see what our products might look like as part of a cute outfit or in a trendy room, it also lets us put ourselves alongside other larger known brands & makers that compliment our own products. Want your bohemian necklaces to be associated with Anthropolgie styles? Pair them with products from Anthro, headbands from your favorite hair accessory maker, a succulent planter from your favorite sculptor, and so on. Make sense? 

Why collaborate with other small shops? Small shops need each other. We can work together to get extra social reach, to find new customers, and to build each other’s brands and communities! Most importantly, the more brands you collaborate with, the greater possibility of your products going viral! Product collages are a fantastic way to encourage this! Not only do you build up other small shops, when you select items from big companies, you get extra exposure by tagging them in your posts and helping their audience find you & associate your products with that brand as well.


My favorite avenue for creating quick, attractive product collages is Polyvore. Setting up an account is free, and you can add your products quickly and easily by installing the Polyvore Clipper button onto your browser. Navigate to the page of the item you want to add, click the button, and input the details.


While you’re at it, add items from some of your favorite shops. You can even create a team of shops to create & share products from one another in various product collages, saving you a lot of work! For instance, if you sell necklaces, maybe you know someone who makes fantastic handbags or designs shirts that compliment your jewelry. Find a way to involve other sellers, and you both end up benefiting from the collection. When you’re building your product collage, you can search the items you’ve added or search all of Polyvore to find new things that match your brand’s style.


Once you have selected your shops you want to work with & big brands you want people to associate your goods with, start building your collection and making it lovely. Polyvore lets you add text, borders, and other flourishes to spice things up. Even better? It works fabulously on desktop or mobile. Once you’ve created a flatlay, you can publish the set. You get the option to share it simultaneously on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogger, and a lot of other platforms. Instant reach with minimal effort!


Do yourself – and your brand – a favor and go play. You’ll never look back once you see how easily you can boost the visibility of your productss and collaborate with both the small and big box shops you’ve always wanted to work with!

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How to Remove Stripe as a Payment Processor on Storenvy


I personally have never had an issue with using Stripe as a payment processor in my Storenvy shop, but due to Stripe’s loose fraud detection & poor seller protection a lot of people were less than thrilled to be required to use Stripe as the primary payment processor on Storenvy.

Thankfully, Storenvy recently was able to patch up things with PayPal & sellers can now choose to use only PayPal, PayPal & Stripe, or only Stripe in their custom store and in the marketplace, yay! So, for those of you who super disliked using Stripe for payment processing, good news! You can now reactivate your marketplace shop on Storenvy & start raking in the orders! Here is a quick walk through to disabling Stripe in your shop:

  1. Log in to, and go to your admin panel.
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Payment Info
  4. See the red arrow in the graphic below? Click that remove button.


6. Are you sure you want to do this? If so, click “OK” & remove Stripe. You will no longer be able to receive direct checkout payments processed by Stripe.


Yay! And now you are a PayPal only shop! To be thorough, make sure to log into Stripe, verify all your funds have been transferred to your bank & that all transactions have been processed or refunded completely, and then make sure you disable your account.

Feel free to comment if you have any questions! Envy on, friends!


Functional Washi tape storage solution

Washi tape. Fun to shop for, fun to collect, fun to use! But a pain to store, am I right? I used to keep it stacked on my shelf of packing supplies but it kept rolling away or getting knocked down. Our pups also liked to jump up, grab it off the shelf & eat it. Ew.

There are TONS of cute ideas for washi tape storage – mason jars (until you try to pour it out to get to the one you want & they all get stuck at the mouth of the jar) & cute dishes (but then you have to rummage until you get to the desired roll, which is always at the bottom, FYI) but this little DIY I whipped up has by far been my favorite. All of the rolls of washi tape are visible and usable from their new home, plus it looks so stinking cute, too!

washi tape, storage, craft room, cute, colorful

All I did was open an embroidery hoop, removing the inner ring, and put the rolls of tape on! So simple & practical. I recently had to upgrade to a larger 12″ hoop (the one shown is a 5″ hoop). If you have a huge collection of washi tape (and if you don’t yet, you will. Trust me, it’s addictive!) you can sort them by colors on multiple hoops for a really cute wall display!

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How to turn old blankets or sweatshirts into dog toys

For years, I have worked in animal rescue fostering, adopting, training, transitioning & transporting rescue animals & donating to shelters. With so many cute pups coming through, we go through a lot of dog toys so I started turning my larger chunks of fabric from Mon-stor making into rope toys. This is a great way to repurpose old blankets, sweatshirts & towels – and it’s super easy!

First, cut your material into a rectangle. Make it 3x longer than you want the end result because as you braid it, it will become shorter.

sewing, upcycling, ecofriendly, repurpose, dog, pets, rescue pets, crafting

Cut the material into three or six strips. 

sewing, upcycling, ecofriendly, repurpose, dog, pets, rescue pets, crafting

Tie the strips in a tight knot at one end. 

sewing, upcycling, ecofriendly, repurpose, dog, pets, rescue pets, crafting

Braid the strands together tightly, working as close to the end as you can.

sewing, upcycling, ecofriendly, repurpose, dog, pets, rescue pets, crafting

Pinching the end tightly, loop the material over to tie off this end in a tight knot. It’s that easy!

sewing, upcycling, ecofriendly, repurpose, dog, pets, rescue pets, crafting

Clearly small ones bore big dogs. Make longer, thicker braids for large dogs (using sheets, blankets, adult PJ pants, robes, curtains or beach towels) & you can add multiple knots through the braid for the dogs to chew on or so multiple dogs can play tug-a-war together.

sewing, upcycling, ecofriendly, repurpose, dog, pets, rescue pets, crafting

Little fabric bits – napkins, pillow cases, sweatshirt sleeves, kids PJ pants – are just the right size to make toys for smaller breeds!

sewing, upcycling, ecofriendly, repurpose, dog, pets, rescue pets, crafting

This craft is perfect to do as a fund raiser for shelters or to donate to rescues – they are always in needs of toys for their furry friends! – and it is a great way to keep textiles out of landfills!