100+ hashtags for handmade businesses, makers and small shops + tag hacks!

Do you ever wish there was just a perfect, ready to use, list of hashtags to pull from for Instagram? Well, now there is! I’ve been researching, experimenting, and perfecting the perfect mix of hashtags for a handmade business for MONTHS. Literally. I started the draft of this post in December of 2016, and have tweaked it constantly, adding & deleting tags constantly as I found which got the best responses, the most engagement, and of course the ones that didn’t end up throttling my posts, reducing visibility or even penalizing my entire account! (Yes! That can happen!!)

Below, you will find hashtags sorted into groups. There’s a various amount of tags in each group, and several are repeated in different groups. Repeated tags are great for use on basically any post about handmade businesses! Then there are some that are highly targeted for specific types of posts,  from WIP images to finished products to selfies & more! I set it up this way so you can copy & paste directly from this list into your IG posts, then add your own curated tags specific to your medium – for instance, I usually throw in tags like #monstertoys, #toystorage or #instagramkids for my Mon-stor posts. If you make jewelry, you will want to put in specific tags – #handmadejewelry #datenight #wedding #bridetobe #prom and so on! For drawing or painting or art makers, you will want to use specific tags like #prismacolor #penandink #drawing #watercolor and on and on. These little tag packets just help you get started!

WIP photos

IMG_8304 copy.JPG

WIP (work in progress shots) are a great way to share your story as a maker. Humans are drawn to the process, and seeing products being made creates a connection between consumers and your product.

#handmade #handcrafted #creativedaily #wip #workinprogress #makersgonnamake #makersmovememnt #mycreativebiz #creativedaily #creativelifehappylife #abmcrafty #handsandheart #handsandhustle #cylcollective #calledtobecreative #artistoninstagram #abmcrafty #madebyhand #whatimade #goalgetter #cantstopwontstop #craftbuzz #handmadelove #craftstagram #makingart #doitfortheprocess #makearteveryday #creativeliving #creativelife #artsandcrafts

Product photos

IMG_0209 copy

Show off your work! These tags are highly curated and many put your product photos in the sights of top handmade publications, feeds & influencers!

#handmade #handcrafted #makersgonnamake #makersmovement #mycreativebiz #handmadebyme #whatimade #creatorslane #handmadeisbetter #craftsposure #creativelifehappylife #helloimhandmade #supporthandmade #makersvillage #thehandmadeparade #makersofinstagram #abmcrafty #craftaholic #communityovercompetition #creativepreneur #creativedaily #handsandheart #handsandhustle #cylcollective #handmadewithlove



People love to know the person behind the process, so every once in a while, throw up a selfie and tell people something personal! Bonus points if you wiggle a handmade product into the pic, or wear jewelry/clothing from another maker and tag them in the photo.

#me #makersgonnamake #makersmovement #communityovercompetition #creativedaily #creativelifehappylife #abmcrafty #abmhappylife #selfie #behindthescenes #handsandheart #handsandhustle #goalgetter #goaldigger #meetthemaker #mycreativebiz #livecolorfully #mycreativebiz #makersofinstagram #ladyboss #girlboss #shescrafty #womanownedbusiness #womanpreneur #mompreneur #craftybitch #craftygirl #girlbossmoment

Sale posts


Whether you are posting a discount sale, stating products are up for grabs, your new line dropped or that you just restocked, these tags will get your products out there and get people interacting with your posts!

#handmade #handcrafted #makersgonnamake #makersmovement #creativelifehappylife #abmcrafty #handmadeisbetter #makersofinstagram #shopsmall #supportlocal #golocal #buyhandmade #supporthandmade #shopsmallbusiness #womanownedbusiness  #creativedaily #handmadewithlove #ilovehandmade #handmadeshop #handmadeisbest #buzzfeed #huffpost #craftsposure #makersvillage #creatorslane #favehandmade #thehandmadeparade

Now for the fun ones – TAG HACKS! These hacks help you get more connections, engagement, and opportunities while also increasing engagement, but require a little work on your part to actually find the tags best suited for use for your medium/brand/products/audience.



Do you know a publication, popular Instagram account, blog or magazine you want to see your stuff – and maybe share it? Find out if they have specific tags for reposts, or a tag for their brand, and USE IT. Search your niche, find the best publishers, follow them, use their tags. For instance, I use #punkymoms #momdotme #momazine #buzzfeedparents #huffpostparents & so on to reach publishers who are considered experts to my target audience.

Local tags

It’s important to post tags that are geographical – this opens you up to a LOT of opportunities, from magazine features, award nominations & invites to craft events, to making local maker friends, growing your local audience and securing sales to people who love to shop local.

Use tags relevant to your city, to your state, and your region. Use the nearest large city to you if your area does not have a lot of tags – I live about 20 minutes West of Asheville, but it’s the nearest large city, so that is the tag I use! For example, I use #madeinasheville #madeinnc or #madeinwnc. I also use popular local tags when I do events, like #828isgreat #asheville #AVL #ashevilleNC #wnc #smokymountains #ashevillefolk #ashevillemoms. Pop on Insta, browse the tags and find ones that seem to be trendy. If there isn’t a #madein*yournearestbigcity* tag – make one! Use it on every post – it will catch on!

Audience Capturing

Like I said above, you will want to fill in your posts with tags specifically curated for your audience. This also requires some homework on your part. As a toy maker, I use tags like #igkids #instagramkids #momlife #motherhood #childhoodunplugged #letthembelittle #creativeplay #sensoryplay #learningthroughplay #igbaby #instababy #nurseryinspo #kidsroom #playroom & so on. So you need to identify you target audience & then search through hashtags relevant to them. As you can see from my tags, if jewelry was your medium, you wouldn’t just post #jewelry – you would use tags like #datenight #girlsnightout #wedding #gettinghitched #bride #momofthebride #anniversary #ootd #wwiw – stuff people who will be wearing jewelry to, tags for fashion posts, events people buy jewelry for. Once you identify you target audience, you can find them on social media, browse the hashtags they use, see which ones are applicable to your products, and start integrating them and A/B testing them on posts!

Daily Themes

#meetthemakermonday #makermonday #wipwednesday #throwbackthursday (great for sharing your progress as a maker!) #friyay #flashbackfriday #followfriday #smallbusinesssaturday

Platform/Group Tags

Don’t forget platform centric tags! I sell on Storenvy, so I use #storenvy #storenvyseller & such. For Etsy sellers, there is a MILLION hashtags! Same for Shopify or other selling platforms. Do some digging, find which tags are popular and apply them applicable posts about your shop! Do the same for any communities you are in that have exclusive hashtags for interaction, exposure & feature opportunities, too!

Whew! Grab some tags and get practicing! I am always evolving, switching it up & changing what tags I use – you should too! Try a bunch of these out, and let me know what your results are! Remember, Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags. I recommend putting them in the second comment so as to not look spammy, plus they get buried as people come in commenting, so they are pretty much hidden from sight after 3 comments. Have fun!


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Tips for Maker Moms: 15+ hashtags you should try out on Instagram

Moms. We’re busy people. We make humans, we raise humans. That alone makes us all superheros in my book. Maker moms? We make humans, we raise humans, we run businesses. Running businesses means we are the CEO, the head of marketing, the product photographer, the head of production, the public relations specialists & social media analysts, the product testers, the quality control team… and so much more. Plus, we’re moms.

I’m not going to downplay it – sometimes it’s not easy to balance it all, get to soccer practice on time, make the cupcakes for the play date and stay on top of social media trends, all while finding time in there somewhere to you know, actually make products.

But if I can help take a little of the overwhelm out of the social media gig for you, hey, that makes me happy & we all succeed, right?! And with Instagram’s new changes rolling out soon, I decided it would be a great time to share some of the most responsive hashtags I’ve discovered for makers & mamas! These are all hashtags I have experimented with, spent time exploring & found to drive authentic, organic traffic & interactions to my posts. Plus they have led me to some really great Instagram accounts I wouldn’t have found otherwise!



You know that awesome monthly photo challenge I run? It’s sort of taken off as a viral hashtag for handmade & makers. And I’m fine with that! Use it however you want. If you want to follow the prompts, cool! If you’d rather just use the tag to connect with other makers and share your daily bits of creativity, that’s fine too! The entire purpose of the project is to bring together makers & creatives!


This hashtag was coined by Danielle of Merri Weather Counseling. I love this hashtag because it is all about sharing how creativity impacts your life – whether that’s through your creative business, shopping handmade, doing crafts with your kids or a DIY project. There is already almost 100K images uploaded to this hashtag, and it is one of the top trending hashtags for makers to connect!


With almost 100K posts to this hashtag, it’s without a doubt a wonderful way to connect with your fellow maker mamas, share cutesy DIY arts and crafts projects with the kids & showcase your own fierce crafty mama game!


This popular phrase quickly turned into a trending hashtag with over 300K images uploaded to it. It is ideal for connecting makers, creatives and artisans, whether they sell or create just for fun.


Created by Emma & Elsie, there’s a ton of A Beautiful Mess hashtags but for us makers, this is the one we want to use to show off our creativity and connect with DIYers or makers. Almost 50K posts to this hashtag already with hundreds being added daily!


Also part of the A Beautiful Mess family, this hashtag has over 125K images uploaded to it & there is a few ways to utilize this hashtags: Showing off a bright, colorful space, showing off things that make you happy, sharing snippets of your life & joyful moments and also to showcase how your products make life happier/easier/better. It’s important to be authentic on Instagram, so posting photos that show what real life happy moments are to you is essential in creating real connections & driving organic engagement!


Life with kids is colorful. So is life as a maker. Another member of the A Beautiful Mess family, this hashtag is one of my favorites for it’s vibrancy!


If you are a maker mom, or you make products for kids or moms, this hashtag is a must for your kid/parenting related posts! With over 3 MILLION images uploaded to it, #momlife is a high traffic hashtag that can put your toys, kids clothing line or organic wooden baby rattles in front of thousands of people daily – or you can use this hashtag to share your parenting wins & woes, connect with other moms about balancing work/house keeping/feeding kids half way healthy meals every day and to basically put the real authentic you on display to help drive engagement, new followers and make it easier for other moms to relate to you/your products.


This hashtag is best used to connect with other creatives and makers – it’s all about sharing the process of your creativity and you can use it to show off your work space, show how your trade inspires others, share exciting maker milestones (yay for that feature in the magazine, go you!) and build community/make maker friends!


This hashtag is a great way to showcase your products if they simplify, beautify or improve the quality of your consumers lives – or to show how you personally live in the moments where the little things happen, capturing your child(ren)’s toothy grins or how special it is to see your products in use. We all need to #livethelittlethings a little more often! (And no, it’s not a typo, it’s LIVEthelittlethings, not LOVEthelittlethings.)


Anyone else love using their kid as a model as much as I do? Or just photographing them in general? This is a great hashtag to use to connect with other moms who love photographing their children!

#momofboys or #momofgirls

I use this tag a lot, especially when posting photos of my son, because while I try to keep things as gender neutral as possible, it’s undeniable raising a child of either gender has it’s own unique struggles, celebrations & joys – and this is a great way to connect with your fellow girl moms & boy moms, and it’s always a great way to put your handmade children’s products out in front a wide audience of mamas who may be looking for gender specific items, like teething necklaces, baby wraps or toys, for baby showers or birthday gifts. You can also use #boymom & #girlmom tags as well!


Let’s just say if you have anything kid related to post, this is one of the top hashtags to use with over four million photos currently uploaded to this stream on Instagram! It’s a great way to connect with your fellow moms + explore & share kid related posts & products.


While Craftsposure is a community of makers, creatives and bloggers, the #craftsposure hashtag has over 300K posts to it so far and it’s one of the top trending maker hashtags out there with the sweet possibility of your post being featured on their IG account – which has more than 197K followers!


With over 90K posts so far, this is a fun hashtag full of colorful, real looks into the lives of creative makers & entrepreneurs. And us mamas know that it’s truly a hustle to get kids up, dressed, ready for school out the door, then it’s pedal to the metal all the way until the bus swings back around, and often right back at it after the kiddos hit the hay. If that’s not a handmade mama hustle, I don’t know what is. Love this tag, and all the cool posts that reside within it.


Duh, all makers know that! But did you know this trendy hashtag has over 200K posts to it on Instagram? Tell it to the world & connect with fellow makers!

#handmade and #handcrafted

These seem like a no brainer, but I actually don’t see many makers I follow utilize these hashtags when posting their handmade products, and these both have millions of photos posted to them (#handmade has over 42 million while #handcrafted has 2 million).


What little things are bringing you joy today? Is it your baby’s smile, your latest product, or a fresh cup of coffee? Share the little moments & embrace those little flashes of delight – this creates authenticity and shows the life behind the lens! With over 800K photos, this is currently a really hot hashtag to share those sweet little moments that make you smile.

Are any of these hashtags new to you? Why not give them a whirl and let me know if you find them driving more traffic to your posts? Got some suggestions for great hashtags for maker moms to use? Leave them in the comments! #collaborate


7 tips to improve your Instagram account & grow your audience

I spent over a YEAR researching what works for growing your audience on IG. While I only have 3000+ Instagram followers, I get on average as many likes & comments as a few people in the same field as me with tens of thousands of followers – because I carefully cultivated an engaged audience. I did a case study comparing five Instagram accounts in my niche (handmade products for children) with 13,000 to 40,000 followers. Their average media likes were between 120-200. I have currently 3040 followers & my average media likes is 117. Very close average likes per post, with less than one third of the audience. I’m not saying I’m a pro, just that I have found what works for me & may work for you to help you better utilize Instagram.

7 Audience building tips for Instagram

1. This is the most important: only post amazing, high resolution, well lit, clutter free styled images. Seriously. If possible never take the image with your phone but instead take it with your point and shoot, edit it to enhance it, email it to yourself and post it that way. Explore popular Instagram accounts and you will see one thing they all have in common: amazing high resolution pictures that are beautifully styled and well lit. You want people to pause when they come across your photos, to be compelled by them and excited by them and to want to see more of them. So make ’em look good!


2. Use only the most relevant hashtag, in a separate comment below your photo caption so that as other people comment the hashtags are hidden. Like, I make toys. I don’t often use the #crafter or #craft tag but #momlife #toys #kids #baby #nursery #kidsroom #igkids #instakids #moms #mums #parenting and so forth – things that people wanting to use my products would actually use/search for. Like if you make jewelry, don’t post #wirewrapped #silvernecklace – post #fashion #women #hot #style #ootd #beautiful #me #lovely #pretty #mystyle and so forth. Make sense?


3. Use the search feature on Instagram each day to search all the relevant hashtags you use (IE, I search kids or babies) once or twice a day. Spend about 5-10 minutes a day just leaving *meaningful* comments on people’s photos – if you comment on 3-5 photos in a person’s feed this shows you are interested in their content & knowing more about them. They are more likely to click over to your profile and learn more about you, too. I do this twice a day (a total of less than 20 minutes of work) and on average get 5-20 new followers a day from it.


4. When new people like or comment on your photos, visit their profile and leave a few comments & likes – this helps cultivate an engaged community that feels appreciated & they will be more likely to interact with your posts. And it literally only takes a few seconds!


5. If you want comments, make sure your content is something that there is a reason to comment about. A picture of a mug? Nothing to talk about really. A picture of your mug & the question “I’m in need of new creamer suggestions. What’s your favorite?” invites comments/conversations.


6. REPLY to people. If they comment on your post reply to them and make sure you tag them in your reply, even if it’s just to say “thanks”.


7. This may seem like a no brainer, but promote your IG on Twitter & Facebook, your blog, etc. Make sure your existing fans know about it & can find it. Also make sure your Twitter handle matches your Instagram name, so people can easily find you.

And I have a ton more tips, but I figure that’s enough to start with. I’ll work on a more detailed post with best practices & Insta-etiquette next week!


Hashtags: The good, the bad, the ugly.

Hashtags are a great way to utilize keywords to get your products in front of a new audience. Anyone who searches for those keywords will pull up your posts via internal search engines on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter.

But that won’t do you any good if you aren’t using the right kind of hashtags. 

How to use hashtags to promote your handmade business

You should always use relevant keywords for tagging your shop posts. Example, I make ecofriendly handmade toy storage solutions for kids in the form of monsters, called Mon-stors. So, if I were to post on Twitter, I would utilize my keywords like this:

“Looking for a fun #storage solution for the #kidsroom? Try #handmade & #ecofriendly toy storage Mon-stors at!”

If I were to post on Instagram, I would caption my photo then add a series of relevant hashtags in the second comment, like these:

#handmade #upcycled #kids #baby #nursery #parenting #kidsroom #momlife #boymom #girlmom #toddler

The words I chose to add a hashtag to are words that are commonly use in searches for my products or for lifestyle content relevant to my products. They are all relevant and form a sentence, they are inviting and informative.

On the other end of the spectrum, there is a disgusting trend of tags that hurt sales. Pushy, rude hashtags that have nothing to do with your product. Here is an example, if I were to do this for my shop:

“New listing on! #buynow #hurryupandbuy #forsale #new #pleasebuy #buyme #youshouldbuythis”

Think on it. Which tweets do you think would reach more people? Which tags would bring in more of your target audience on Instagram? I don’t know about you, but when searching for storage solutions, or jewelry, or clothing, or art, or, well, anything, I have never, ever typed “hurryupandbuy” or “buyme” into a search bar. Just reading that makes me cringe. You wouldn’t walk up to someone at a craft fair, thrust a product at them and say “hurry up and buy this!” so why on Earth would you do that on social media? I honestly do not understand this trend, but as it’s taken off & become almost standard practice for sellers, I’ve watched several shop owners complain about sales dropping off shortly after they started adding “#buythis” and other such tags to their postings. It may not be the only factor in these declining sales, but using abrasive marketing tactics surely can’t be slowing the decline very much.

Other tags that fall into a less rude category but still do nothing to increase awareness about your products to interested parties are #wahm #etsyseller #etsyshopowner #supporthandmade #shophandmade & so on. It’s one thing to tag a post of something you purchased from a handmade shop & encourage others to #shophandmade – something else to try to sell them something & tell them to #shophandmade.

No one wants or needs to be told to buy something. Everyone want to make a choice. It is your job to entice people to visit your shop and to do that you have to explain your products to people in as much detail as possible by using strong keywords, and hashtags help you do that by allowing you to accent your keywords, so people looking for items related to your products can actually find them. No one is going to find your beautiful, handmade, elegant jewelry made with natural stones and sterling silver with tags like #buynow #forsale #etsyshop #wahm #jewelryforsale or #youshouldbuythis on it – but if you tag your #handcrafted #natural stone #necklace made using #sterlingsilver accents with the right keywords, they just may find – and buy! – it.

Let’s stop the trend of abrasive, irrelevant & rude hashtags! Start using strong keywords to help drive traffic to your shop & speak directly to your target audience for organic, natural growth on your social media channels..

Need more #hashtag help? Leave a comment, I would love to help you get on the right path to utilizing keywords to increase traffic to your site!