Functional Washi tape storage solution

Washi tape. Fun to shop for, fun to collect, fun to use! But a pain to store, am I right? I used to keep it stacked on my shelf of packing supplies but it kept rolling away or getting knocked down. Our pups also liked to jump up, grab it off the shelf & eat it. Ew.

There are TONS of cute ideas for washi tape storage – mason jars (until you try to pour it out to get to the one you want & they all get stuck at the mouth of the jar) & cute dishes (but then you have to rummage until you get to the desired roll, which is always at the bottom, FYI) but this little DIY I whipped up has by far been my favorite. All of the rolls of washi tape are visible and usable from their new home, plus it looks so stinking cute, too!

washi tape, storage, craft room, cute, colorful

All I did was open an embroidery hoop, removing the inner ring, and put the rolls of tape on! So simple & practical. I recently had to upgrade to a larger 12″ hoop (the one shown is a 5″ hoop). If you have a huge collection of washi tape (and if you don’t yet, you will. Trust me, it’s addictive!) you can sort them by colors on multiple hoops for a really cute wall display!

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